Augmented Reality

AR of digitallyme

Purpose of this project: This project aims to leverage Augmented Reality at an end-of-year student exhibition for interactive and entertaining content, enhancing engagement and information sharing.

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The problem addressed is the traditional presentation of portfolios. I propose an innovative solution using augmented reality and a QR code. This AR Gallery provides a visually enhanced, interactive showcase of my work, offering a unique and engaging experience for potential clients, employers, or partners while incorporating personal touches and connectivity options.


The proposed solution leverages augmented reality and a QR code to effectively communicate my work, abilities, and achievements. This immersive AR Gallery aims to enhance visibility, create a lasting impression, and facilitate beneficial networking and partnerships, fostering brand growth and educational outreach within my field.

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Skills Used

Crafting this AR experience demands a multifaceted skill set, blending UI/UX and visual design for an immersive showcase. Key skills include creating intuitive QR codes, onboarding processes, and spatially aware UI elements. 3D modeling ensures detailed project representation, while animation, avatar design, and seamless icon integration contribute to a compelling and cohesive user journey. Responsive and privacy-conscious design, alongside analytics implementation, completes a polished and engaging AR portfolio..