Purpose of this project: The goal of this project is to develop a food concept that has mood in photographs. By developing this the concept of playing with light in food photography will be understood. Then there should be a clear understanding for shooting editorial and using a double page spread. There is three themes that can be choosen: • Theme 1 - Soups and Breads. • Theme 2 - Spicy (that needs to have either meat, pasta, or vegetables in the dish). • Theme 3 – Sweet Things (This needs to be a full dish)

Image 1


Food photography get edited so much these days that its not RAW with the help of lighting.


Take photos of food in a dark minimal mood. Use minimal light in the background and on the food dish. Spice up the photo with props that fits into the theme. Theme 2 (spicy) and Theme 3 (sweet things) was chosen. Capture different spices with the help of the raw materials as the probs and capture a pancake dish with the help of flour falling from ontop as the probs.

Final Image 1 Final Image 2 Final Image 3

Skills Used

Skills obtain: Photography, styling, lighting, prop selection, theme incorporation, composition, capturing motion, and creating a cohesive narrative for visually appealing food photos.